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Private Label

The company «DETAKO» is one of the largest Ukrainian manufacturers of cosmetics and household chemicals.

Specializing in the production of its own brands and producing products to order, the company «DETAKO» will help to solve all the problems associated with the production of products under your brand so that you can focus on its promotion in the market.

We offer cooperation in the field of contract manufacturing of cosmetic products and household chemicals and are ready to take on the entire production process, which will include formulation development, product preparation, packaging, labeling, packaging in shipping containers, if necessary, we provide product certification services .

Our assets include modern equipment for the production of cosmetics and household chemicals, a high level of production, and quality control is supported at each stage of the entire technological process by qualified production personnel.

Extensive experience has been gained in manufacturing a wide range of custom-made products.

Our scientific laboratory can easily develop the most unique formulations individually for each client.

Contract manufacturing of cosmetics involves the implementation of a full production cycle. Ales has all the necessary resources for this. We guarantee that our customers will receive the expected result within the time period specified in the contract.

We offer our partners everything they need to order cosmetics contract manufacturing:

— ready-made recipes, completely ready for production;

— development of new recipes by our scientific laboratory, the equipment of which allows us to develop recipes of any complexity;

— creation of packaging design by our designers;

— production line for tube filling;

— production of foaming agents, white cosmetics and their packaging;

— warehouses for storing finished products and packaging for cosmetics;

— production capable of producing up to 220 tons of finished products per month;

— selection and independent purchase of raw materials for the production of cosmetics from the best raw materials companies;

— careful quality control of purchased raw materials in accordance with accepted international standards;

— implementation of the strictest quality control of products at all stages of the production process;

— manufacturing and packaging of cosmetics with automatic lines that fully comply with international standards adopted in the industry;

— selection and procurement of materials for the production of packaging for cosmetics with mandatory strict quality control of raw materials and compliance with state standards of finished packaging;

— a complete set of cosmetics kits.

The high mobility of our production allows us to fulfill both large and small orders in a short time in accordance with the needs of the client.

Cooperating with us, you get finished products under your own brand in the shortest possible time and with good quality.